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Reactions to “The Splatters” (XBLA)  Soundtrack

“The music is infectious trip-hop type stuff that sounds great.”

“It would be a crime to talk about The Splatters and not mention its awesome music. The atmospheric electronic tracks are more than just background music –– I actually found myself playing level after level just to keep hearing the music. This is somewhat surprising, because the game does not actually have that many tracks. Still, even after the numerous hours I’ve spent with The Splatters, I still want to keep listening. Though not featured in the actual game, the trailer features a track by Infected Mushroom, an excellent Israeli psytrance duo. The music in the game is not far removed from that genre, and is oddly appropriate. Someone at SpikySnail has great taste.”

“One of the best qualities that stood out to me while playing through The Splatters was the music. Whether or not I was actually liking anything else, the music always seemed well placed and created. While maintaining subtlety, the music still was just as fun and quirky as the game was intended to be.”

“The Splatters’ pure arcade experience comes with painfully colorful graphics and a bouncy soundtrack”

“The Splatters’ soundtrack is eccentric and fun, embodying the game’s personality to a tee. It makes sliding around to your death that much more enjoyable (you know, if you’re a total nut case).” 

“An addictive and original score”

“The music for the game is very unique. Feeling light and fun on the menus, but grandiose during gameplay to fit the mood and tone. The music does a great job of conveying the perfect mood for the game…”

“The music is quite catchy and at times I could swear that I heard certain melodies that reminded me of Daft Punk or Bob Marley.”

“The music is done well, and does a good job keeping a fast pace feeling while you are playing.”

“The music in the game is extremely cheerful…The effect that the music has in this game would not just keep players from rage-quitting; it will also keep the people playing the game forever for no actual reason…with The Splatters’ cartoonish feel and joyful music you won’t mind paying the game for as long as it takes to finish it.”

“The visuals are pleasantly accompanied by an awesome soundtrack, it’s very upbeat and provides growing interest as you sit and wonder as to how to can accomplish the puzzle. This ensures that there is never a dull moment, even when you find yourself sitting for ages trying figuring out how you will crack the newest conundrum, you can sit back and never get tired of the music.”

“The Splatters has made me fall in love with puzzle games again. The fluid psychics of the the fruit jellies work great and the music enhances the mood.”

Published Articles and Lectures

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A Look Into Sound Design – Lecture given at 7th Israeli Games Un-conference (Video in Hebrew):

Awards and Nominations

GameIS  award winner for best console game of 2012: “The Splatters” (XBLA) from Spiky Snail (with music by egozot)

GameIS awards finalist for best student game of 2012: “Magnet Monkey” (iOS) from Pineapple Studios (with sound design, mixing and mastering by egozot)


 As part of a collective of musical producers egozot won the Israeli Ministry of Culture’s 2013 award for Creation in the filed of Zionism. The project is called “Kadima” and you can listen to it here -

Kadima - track 10