“We liked Idan’s productions immediately, the sounds are pristine and beautifully arranged. I only wish we had met earlier – so he could have the time to do the entire soundtrack for The Splatters.“ Niv (Spiky Snail co-founder )

“Perfectly integrating knowledge and professionalism, Idan provided Magnet Monkey’s music production the special touch we were looking for.” Yaniv (Pineapple Studios)

“Idan helped us out and did the Scoreoid video series intro music, he did an amazing job. It was great to work with him, I definitely recommend him…” Almog (Scoreoid Founder).

“Is Idan a Master of incidental music? We don’t think so. He is a great wizard, and he uses his powerful magic to add new life to our game.” Bob (B+ Studios)



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